/022 Guatemala — Buena Vista

Washed Caturra + Bourbon + Pache + Catuaí

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Guatemala — another full mug, please

We always do cuppings blind. When we were doing a random selection of different suppliers in a blind cupping to select new coffees we kept going back to one cup. Not because it was so expressive, funky, unique, but captivating. It’s a cup that is simply delicious and you don’t want just one cup of. It’s a classic profiled coffee with an aroma that reminds us of biscuits and a subtle sweetness that is slightly citric and malic. Overall: a classic cup that you’d want to drink more than one cup of.

Andres Godolfredo Cano is a second generation coffee grower who dreamed of carrying on this work even as a youth. In order to buy his farm he worked for years, from 6 AM to 6 PM each day, carefully saving money to invest in land. Coffee farming is his passion and he feels a sense of pride when investing in healthy and productive coffee plants. Not only does he love coffee itself, he feels a strong commitment to the natural environment of Huehuetenango that provides the livelihood for coffee farmers. He strives to produce coffee as efficiently as possible in order to conserve the area’s resources. His excitement and commitment to his values is truly contagious, and we are happy to be working with him this year!

“When I was young I worked very hard with a thought that one day I’d like to be a coffee producer. Now I have reached this dream and I am still very motivated to work on my farm from 6 am to 6 pm. The coffee is the passion of my life and I do not mind investing in order to see healthy plants and trees. I want to keep on working with coffee while I can and inspire the other generations to do so as well”, tells Andres.

Godolfredo and his wife are involved in each step of the processing of this lovely coffee, along with one other worker. The coffee is picked on their farm, which is about 3 hours from their home. Because of this, they have situated the depulper near the coffee trees on the farm. After depulping, the depulped cherries are moved in clean sacks on horseback home to the fermentation tank. The coffee is placed in the tank with a small amount of water, just enough to submerge the pile. It ferments there for about 24 hours and then is carefully washed to remove the remaining mucilage. After washing, the coffee is placed on the patio where it dries for 5 days, roughly 7 hours per day. The family moves the coffee hourly to ensure thorough and even drying. Once the parchment coffee is dry, it is stored in clean sacks until they are ready to deliver it to our warehouse. “


On espresso: Expect macadamia and malic acidity. Green grapes, full bodied and a chocolate finish.
On filter: Nutty, milk chocolate and beautiful orange notes. A profile that tastes like a cup you want to wake up with everyday.
It’s a classic coffee on filter that you don’t drink from a tiny delicate porcelain cup, but a coffee that deserves a full mug. And another.