SIDRA Ecuador – Angel Sanchez


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Savor the exotic allure of Ecuadorian Sidra, Natural processed. A gorgeous cup that we want to drink every morning.

This Licaceo lot is a part of Qima’s Competition and 90+ Series. This lot, grown at an altitude of around 1,900 MASL in southern Ecuador, comprises Sidra, one of the prized Ecuadorian coffee varietals.

Supported by qualified on-ground teams, Qima’s post-harvest natural processing ensures that the resultant cup carries clean flavours of forest fruits, vanilla and a beautiful silky mouthfeel and complexity.




Processing Details:
Freshly harvested coffee cherries are soaked in water, which facilitates the identification of high-quality, dense cherries. After removing the floats, the cherries are placed on raised beds for drying. By taking this route, we ensure quick drying of the outer skin to avoid fungal growth. In Ecuador, the duration of drying depends on weather conditions but typically takes between 4-6 weeks on average.

Once dried, the coffee is packed and stored for at least a month before being transported to Quito for milling and sorting.

SIDRA Ecuador – Angel Sanchez
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