/004³ Colombia — La Macarena

Washed Castillo

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004 3.0 — Classic+
Cauca, Colombia
— Washed Castillo

La Macarena is one of the three coffee farms owned and operated by Wilton Benitez in Piendamo, Cauca, in Southwestern Colombia. The farm spans 75 hectares and is situated at altitudes ranging from 1800 to 2100 meters above sea level. The other two farms managed by Wilton Benitez are Las Brisas and Granja Paraiso 92.

Wilton Benitez is a highly specialized coffee producer with over 12 years of experience in cultivating rare coffee varietals. He comes from a family background in coffee production and began his journey in coffee on the family farm. This experience led him to develop an interest in fermentation technology and how it’s used in other industries, like wine, beer, and cheese, to develop unique flavor compounds. Applying these insights to coffee processing, Wilton has developed his own protocols to enhance flavors while preserving the intrinsic attributes of each coffee varietal.

La Macarena Farm is known for its innovative farming and processing techniques. These include employing terraces, a microbiology lab, and a processing and drying plant. Wilton cultivates 26 different coffee varieties at La Macarena, including Geisha, Sudan Rume, Eugenoides, Wush Wush, Java, and SL28. These varieties are distributed across three farm fields, each with its distinct microclimate, and each adheres to specific protocols tailored to its genetic attributes and desired flavor profiles.

The farm’s approach to coffee production encompasses genetics, agronomic practices, biochemistry, processing, quality control, and the dry process. Wilton’s passion for technology and an investigative approach to coffee production and processing has led him to continuously improve and harness the benefits of these methods. His ultimate goal is to showcase the unique flavors of each coffee while preserving the intrinsic attributes of each varietal.

Expect a classic Colombian washed coffee that you can drink this every single day. Complex and delightful, both on filter and espresso.

/004³ Colombia — La Macarena
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