experimental pico-lot / cupping sample

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Indonesia — Liberica
experimental pico-lot


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Reza, a coffee grower and processor residing in the scenic Temanggung, Central Java, is a man driven by a profound love for his craft. He is renowned for his expertise in cultivating robusta beans on his own plot of land. Recently, Reza has taken on the challenge of processing arabica beans, showcasing his adaptability and eagerness to expand his skills in the coffee industry. Also, in this case with his tiny lot of Liberica beans.


Reza uses yeast inoculation to ferment the Liberica cherries in a plastic tank, he then further processes it as honey, making it an ‘experimental anaerobic yeast inoculated honey process‘.
The fermentation starter and the yeast composition come from his own previous experiments and research, which he applies to more of his lots (we will have more of these in our catalog in the near future!)


Besides being a coffee producer and processor, he also indulges in the art of coffee roasting during his spare time. Reza’s dedication to his work shines through as he strives for excellence with every batch, creating captivating flavors and captivating aromas from green coffee beans.

His commitment to coffee and his relentless pursuit of innovation have earned him the reputation of a true coffee artisan, connecting the essence of the land to the delightful experiences found in every cup he produces.


Reza has become a pioneer in the art of coffee production through his unique fermentation processes. Reza’s innovative coffee fermentation process showcases his unwavering commitment to producing exceptional coffee that embodies the essence of Central Java’s terroir.


Preferred tasting method: cupping




The water we designed for this is 110 ppm and is a combination of distilled water and AQUACODE minerals.

This provides a stable calcium-to-magnesium ions ratio of 1 : 2.7 which helps me to get the optimal extraction, with a slightly higher magnesium content for more sweetness and a balanced cup.


We love this coffee. It’s something we have never tasted before. Hate it or love it, it’s undeniably something unique!

Coca Cola light is what immediately came to mind. Think artificial sweetener, such as Stevia and some clear liquorice notes (in the Netherlands we have this old school candy called ‘liquorice sticks’ -or sweet wood- , which is an actual wooden stick that you have to chew, it definitely reminds us of that). Also some pronounced Indonesian spice notes can be found.

Imagine that Liberica is usually very close to Robusta when it comes to the profile, harsh, earthy and ashy. Compare that to the flavour profile mentioned above.

~15 grams. One brew or one cupping bowl.

SCOOP: this years crop of Reza’s Liberica apparently is going to be a few dozen kg’s instead of hundred grams. So there’s a chance this coffee will be back to get a spot in our catalog.