OREA Negotiator Type (C) paper filter (50)


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Note: These are just the filter papers, the Negotiator Tool is sold separately.

Here by popular demand! Experience a new way to brew with the Orea Brewer using a lower bypass filter fit to reach higher extractions and explore a different brew method within the same brewing system. These filters go together with the negotiator tool.

Made for Orea V2 and V3

The small size fits the Orea V2 and the Small (155) Orea V3. The large size fits the Large (185) Orea V3.

Supplied with guides

In each pack, you will find guides to help you get brewing. Dialling these in can be challenging as the brew dynamics are quite different. Please see the guides included for tips on getting the best out of this combination, with unique recipes designed to take your brewing to new levels.


The “Negotiator” is an open-source project kindly supported by Uido Design Studio. You can download the 3D printing files for free and print your own on Thingiverse. The idea behind this project is very much to give the community something to experiment with and explore new ways of brewing.
You can also get one here.

Comparison of the flat papers we sell


 Type “G” Type “C” (NEW) Sibarist FAST Flat
Flow Rate Medium-Slow Medium-Fast Fast
Cost Low Medium High
Highlights Sweetness Clarity Acidity
Construction One side smooth
One side crepe
Two sides crepe Two sides smooth


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OREA Negotiator Type (C) paper filter (50)

In stock