AMOC Filter Dosing Cup / Spit cup


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The best things usually come trough frustration.
Finding the right dosing cup for grinding beans for a batch of filtercoffee has always annoyed us. One that also fits seamlessly in the collar of an EK43 would have been perfect.

Then, during cupping we’d use a glass to spit, which looks disgusting.

Time for a solution for both problems: the AMOC Filter Dosing Cup and/or Spit-cup (don’t mix up).


  • 350ml – about 140 grams of beans, filled to the rim
  • Recommended max. dose for grinding 90 gram
  • Stainless steel
  • Rim width: 80mm — height: 110mm
  • Can be used for dosing, spitting or even drinking (don’t mix these up)

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