WUSH WUSH² Colombia – El Placer

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WUSH WUSH — rare

Sebastian Ramirez comes from Quindio, a region steeped in coffee culture, and represents the fourth generation of his family’s coffee farming legacy. His journey into the world of coffee took an unexpected turn six years ago when he assumed the responsibility of running the family’s El Placer farm in the Buenos Aires de Calarcá village.

El Placer farm, with its sprawling forty blocks of land and a considerable coffee crop, employed over seventy workers. However, despite their efforts, it became apparent that relying solely on coffee in Colombia was a formidable challenge. Sebastian’s life took a serendipitous twist when he heard about special coffee in Armenia, leading him to Alma Café, where he encountered an SENA instructor discussing the art of cupping. This newfound curiosity ignited his passion for coffee.

Sebastian’s journey became an educational odyssey fueled by love and determination. He made the decision to diversify his farm’s operations. Half of the land was leased out, while the remaining portion was dedicated to cultivating special coffee varieties. The farm also ventured into growing bananas and plantains. Additionally, they continued to supply coffee to local businesses.

Rather than merely producing coffee, Sebastian embarked on a unique endeavor about a year ago. He had a centuries-old house with numerous vacant rooms, and he decided to transform it into a complete coffee experience for visitors, encompassing everything from seed to cup. The house now serves as a hostel, where tourists can immerse themselves in the farm’s reality for a few hours.

Presently, Sebastian has earned a prominent reputation as one of Colombia’s foremost specialty coffee producers. However, his motivation remains firmly rooted in producing exceptional coffee and upholding the reputation of the El Placer farm.


Step 1: Cherries are meticulously handpicked and sorted, with an emphasis on achieving a ratio of 95% ripe and 5% semi-ripe cherries.

Step 2: The cherries undergo an anaerobic process within 200-liter tanks, lasting 280 hours at a constant temperature of 18°C. During this process, CO2 is injected, and 5 liters of coffee must (juice or extract produced during the oxidation/fermentation processes) from a previous maceration of coffee cherries are added.

Step 3: The first drying phase occurs in marquesinas at a controlled temperature of 40°C and 25% relative humidity for approximately 20 days.

Step 4: The second drying phase unfolds in marquesinas with shading tarps for around 5 days, resulting in a slower and more controlled drying process.

Step 5: The beans are packed in GrainPro bags and left to stabilize for 15 days, ensuring the quality and flavor profile of the coffee.


Expect vibrant notes reminiscent of sangria, pineapple, and lime, with a pronounced wine-like acidity which is achieved through the extended anaerobic natural fermentation process. This funky limited lot is bound to be in high demand and won’t last long!
It’s also way cleaner than you’d expect from a funky processed coffee like this.

WUSH WUSH² Colombia – El Placer
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