SIBARIST FAST flat brewer filters


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The filter adapts to flat bed drippers (like Kalita 185 types and OREA).

FAST Specialty Coffee Filter paper technology.
100% organic.
Manufactured with care in Barcelona.

The sealed packaging guarantees optimal conservation of the filters and prevents contamination from external dust and odours. Protect your cup!
Packaging made using organic and compostable materials.

Fast Flat filters are packaged in a flat stack with pre-folded creases for users to fold.


Fast Flat filters are packaged in a flat stack with pre-folded creases for users to fold.

  1. Fold the 4 edges of the filter following the indentation marks on the paper. It is not necessary to keep the flat bottom shape of the filter; you just need to go over the folds.
  2. Place the filter on top of the dripper and press the central part of the paper downwards.
  3. Rinse the filter, starting from the centre and moving towards the outer edge by pouring hot water in a circular motion. Make sure that the entire surface of the filter is stuck to the walls of the dripper, without leaving any air channels between the filter and the filter holder.

The image shows how the filter should look before starting the infusion.

FLAT FAST Specialty Coffee Filter

The innovative first flat-bottomed non-fluted coffee filter in the world. Thanks to the Fast Specialty Coffee filter technology (use the SIBARIST FAST paper) that provides the well-known fast extraction flow.

“Find excellence and perfection in extraction. The FLAT Specialty Coffee Filter offers the barista precision and regularity, making it possible to obtain the most outstanding results and shiny notes.”
“¡ EXPLORE ! The FLAT is very sensitive to dripper geometries and properties since once it is wet, the filter stitches to the dripper walls, eliminating the bypass effect and the air circulation through the filter. This makes it possible to obtain different flow rates depending on the dripper used, opening a new world of possibilities for the barista to experiment with and select the dripper depending on the target extraction time.”


The filter CONE FAST eliminates the air gaps created between the waves of classic flat bed filter which ones produce the bypass effect (the bypass effect might increase the astringency), the FLAT FAST eliminates any air circulation between the filter and the dripper. The FAST Specialty Coffee paper provide enough permeability to provide a fast and good flow rate without these extra air channels. In addition, provides a clean, free paper flavour, and silky mouthfeel that characterizes the FAST Specialty Coffee Filter brews.

The free waves shapes do not allow to the coffee particles to be trapped on the waves, providing a more uniform and complete extraction, ensuring that all the coffee particles used on the brew will be in contact with the water in a more uniform and complete way, providing a more uniform and regular extraction. The simple and plain surface offers a better geometry to create a more uniform turbulence.

The FLAT & CONE FAST Specialty Coffee Filters are entirely produced locally in Barcelona.

SIBARIST FAST flat brewer filters
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