SIBARIST FAST cone S filters


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The filter adapts to conical commercial V60’s with open bottom. The CONE S is suitable for small filter holders (01).

FAST Specialty Coffee Filter paper technology. 100% organic. Manufactured with care in Barcelona.

The sealed packaging guarantees optimal conservation of the filters and prevents contamination from external dust and odours. Protect your cup!
Packaging made using organic and compostable materials.

CONE FAST Specialty Coffee Filter

The fastest filter on the market. Reinvent your recipes, reach new cups and rediscover your coffees.

FAST Specialty Coffee Filter technology is a unique fibre composition that provides an unprecedented “drawdown” circulation of liquid (dissolution of soluble coffee particles) through its structure, offering a fast, constant flow in extractions while retaining the solid, non-soluble particles. This results in a clean, silky cup, free of external flavours.

FAST filters open up a new world of preparation possibilities, giving the barista the chance to experiment and obtain formerly limited features such as: faster flows, elimination of the need for air channels, increased extraction and heat delivery performance… These are some of the features offered by the FAST line.

The SIBARIST purpose

Was to create a very unique filter from all the existing coffee filters, with an outstanding flow rate and drawdown using the best possible materials, with the same care for coffee, produced in Barcelona.

Why a filtration technology?

In our desire to succeed in extracting the best of each coffee, we constantly adjust and juggle all the variables of the extraction, striving to obtain the best possible cup. But there is one element of the infusion that is not a variable: it is a constant. We cannot modify its properties; we subconsciously adapt all the variables of the recipe to its retention capacity (permeability), restricting all the other variables to this factor and adjusting to it.

Focus on quality above quantity

Developing a tool to allow the coffee community to reinvent their recipes, achieving new and different cup profiles and rediscovering coffees, facilitates experimentation in the search for the best possible extraction.

We seek the best quality, devoting the same care to the filter as to getting an exceptional cup of coffee. We pay attention to detail throughout the whole chain, from the origin of the raw material on estates and plantations to its local processing and manufacture. We reflect the values and standards that characterise specialty. We focus on quality above quantity. This is a product with a history similar to that of a coffee bean. Its whole process is reflected in the cup, in the form of possibilities, irregularities, aromas and flavours. We have to measure up.


The FLAT & CONE FAST Specialty Coffee Filters are entirely produced locally in Barcelona.

SIBARIST FAST cone S filters
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