Pesado 58.5 — Portafilter (spouted/naked)


65,00119,00 inc. VAT

The PESADO coffee machine Portafilter has been designed to optimise efficiency and durability.

The body and spout have been made entirely in stainless steel to increase strength and performance with heavy usage.
For spouted: The open spout has a precise splitting curve and the inner surface has been machined to enhance the coffee thickness during the pour. For ease of cleaning, the spout can be easily removed.
For naked: The “naked” head exposes the bottom of your basket, allowing you to diagnose any channeling or issues with your shot. When you get the perfect extraction, you will see the true beauty of a perfect coffee forming before your eyes.

These premium modular handles have been developed for those with luxury in mind. Complemented by the wooden layers or (coated) stainless steel modular ends, this portafilter is sure to look good from any angle.




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