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CM Natural

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A World Class coffee.

Mikava is known for their incredible coffees that perform amazingly on the World Competition stage as well as th Cup of Excellence.
Perhaps you may recall the 2022 World Brewers Cup Champion — Shih Yuan Hsu (Sherry) representing Taiwan, if not one of the other many competitors who won National and International Championships with these stunner coffees.
For this specific lot. Their CM Santuario lot, we were able to get our hands on just 2 kg, to possibly supply to a competitor during the World Brewer’s Cup Championships last month. However, we ended up not partnering with any National Champions, which gives the amazing opportunity to be able to share this coffee with you.



Coffee and wine connoisseur Paul Doyle, along with their son Kevin, discovered inspiration and passion on a brief trip to Colombia, where they decided to acquire a farm for cultivating and producing some of the world’s most complex and flavorful coffee.

Paul and Kevin meticulously select and harvest only from the top 1% of coffee cherries from Bourbon, Typica, Ethiopian Heirlooms, Dwarf Gesha, and Sudan Rume trees on their sprawling 14-acre farm located just outside Marsella, Risaralda, nestled in the heart of the Colombian Andes.

For more than 35 years, the Doyle family has been dedicated to perfecting the art of coffee. Their process is shaped by this dedication, from the use of multi-tiered raised drying beds, known as Marquesinas, where temperature and humidity are meticulously managed, to the application of carbonic maceration—typically reserved for red wine—to enhance complexity, sweetness, and floral notes in their roast. They ensure every sip delivers a lush, elegant, and full-bodied coffee experience, crafted by a family that cherishes every moment of enjoyment.

At Mikava, they embrace and uphold the philosophy introduced by Paul and Kevin—that cultivating heirloom varieties with unique flavor profiles on a farm surrounded by protected forests and nourished by natural elements creates the optimal conditions for producing exceptionally rare and acclaimed coffees.

Their Gesha coffee is grown at Santuario, a small village within the Risaralda Department. This six-hectare farm, situated at the highest elevation of 2000 MASL, lies in the foothills of PNN Tatamá, a 4000 MASL National Park and extinct super volcano.

Mikava exclusively cultivates Gesha, Ethiopian Heirlooms, and Sudan Rume at their Santuario farm, established in 2015. The farm benefits from its own micro-climate, nestled in a natural bowl that shields it from severe weather and is rich in volcanic soil.

Mikava is proud to have received numerous national and international awards, including the prestigious Cup of Excellence in 2019 with a naturally processed Gesha, achieving the highest score ever recorded in the history of the Colombian COE at 92.71.

Their natural coffees are processed using the carbonic maceration method, sealed in pressurized tanks and then sun-dried for up to one week before being transferred to their other farm in Marsella. There, the coffee is dried in a marquesina, a solar dryer that resembles a plastic greenhouse, on raised beds under shade cloth using a method called SASD (Solar Aerobic Slow Dry). They ensure the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius to preserve the coffee embryos, thus maintaining the integrity of the cup profile. Once dried to a 10.5% humidity level, the coffee is stored in oxygen barrier bags to rest.



This coffee was roasted on the Ikawa PRO100x for optimal control and needs less resting time compared to our other Loring roasts.
We recommend letting this coffee rest for 6-8 days after roasting.

If you combine this coffee with other coffees in our offering, note that we will ship on the day of roasting (this coffee) and you may sometimes have to wait a few days before we can send this out.


Expect an incredibly evolving and elegant cup with notes of green grape, white rose, sugarcane sweetness, silky smooth mouthfeel, loads of yellow stonefruit and a subtle note of anise in the finish.

LTD: GESHA Colombia – Mikava
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