LAURINA² Costa Rica – Diego Robelo

red honey

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The first time we encountered this very limited production of Costa Rican Laurina. The red honey process unfolds layers of complexity. A unique coffee that we have exclusively found through our friend Diego Robelo from Aquiares Estate (from the infamous number /023 “El Churro”)

“We obtained the seeds of Laurina from CATIE, a university here in our Turrialba region that has the most valuable exotic coffee collection in Central America. I remember we did a tour around it and where sucking on cherries to see which ones had the most sugars and tasted better, thats how we “found” laurina. We also brought back SL34, Geisha, Wush Wush, and some crazy crosses like Laurina-Maragohipe and Laurina-Moka.” – Diego Robelo



The farm is nestled between the Aquiares and Turrialba Rivers indeed “Aquiares” means “land between rivers” in Costa Rica’s Huetar indigenous language. The region where the farm is located used to be the center for this pre-Columbian civilization and occasionally old artifacts are found among the coffee trees. In fact Guayabo National Monument Costa Rica´s most important indigenous settlement is just 5 km (3.1 miles) away. The land of Aquiares is blessed with infinite sources of clean water and even provides drinking water to three communities down stream.



Aquiares one of Costa Rica’s largest and most historic coffee farms sits high on the fertile slopes of Turrialba Volcano. Producing coffee continuously for over a century the farm has developed an enduring model for growing high-quality Arabica coffee protecting a stunning natural setting and supporting a thriving local community of 1800 people. Established by British farmers in 1890 Aquiares was one of the first estates to produce and export Costa Rican coffee. Since 1971 three owner families have worked together with the farm´s staff and community to implement a modern model of sustainable agriculture.



Processing Details:
De-pulped in traditional ”chancador”
Red Honey Process – No mucilage detached
Sun-drying: 2 days pre-drying, ceramic floor 8 days African raised bed, 28ºC – 40ºC range
Final mechanical drying in Guardiola, 1 day

LAURINA² Costa Rica – Diego Robelo
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