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Chiroso — Advanced Process

Wilton Benitez possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a highly specialized coffee producer, having dedicated his lifetime to cultivating exceptional and highly sought-after coffee varieties.

Driven by a deep curiosity, Wilton delved into the world of fermentation technology, studying its applications in diverse industries such as wine, beer, and cheese production. Through this exploration, he gained valuable insights into the intricate processes behind these products. With this newfound understanding, Wilton began meticulously controlling specific variables in the coffee processing, including sugar content, pH levels, and fermentation duration.

The exceptional taste of Wilton’s coffee can be attributed to three key factors: the meticulous fermentation process, the carefully selected microorganisms employed at each stage, and a unique method of soaking the beans in alternating hot and cold water, ensuring the preservation of their intrinsic qualities.

By refining these techniques and harnessing the interplay of these factors, Wilton Benitez has mastered the art of crafting coffee with a distinct and exquisite flavour profile.



Chiroso is most likely a mutation of the Caturra variety, which historically has been planted around Urrao in Colombia. Chiroso is a relatively new variety, which originated in the Urrao region of Antioquia, Colombia.


1. Manual harvest.

2. Selection by size.

3. Selection by density.

4. Sterilization with ozonated wáter.

5. Sterilization with ultraviolet light.

6. The coffee is submerged in water at 90 degrees Celsius to accentuate the sweetness of the cherries.

7. Anaerobic cherry fermentation for 62 hours in fermentation bioreactors with a relief valve at a temperature of 20 degrees centigrade (addition of saflager S-23 yeast).

8. Drying for 88 hours at 40 degrees centigrade.

Granja Paraiso 92

That’s the name of one of Wilton’s farms where he grows his Chiroso.


Think flavours of grapefruit juice, beautiful acidity, sweetness and a silky smooth mouthfeel. Very clean for a chiroso, which can sometimes be quite punchy!

CHIROSO Colombia — Wilton Benitez
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