/575 Colombia — Bocadillo

natural anoxic Gesha

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575 Bocadillo Gesha— Colombia

575 Bocadillo represents the beloved coffee farm family-owned by our dear friend, Herbert.


In the world of crafting coffee profiles, only a limited set of variables can be adjusted. While processing methods can influence the complexity, nothing compares to the profound impact of altitude and cultivar. Regardless of your location, it remains true that high-altitude heirloom coffee trees consistently possess greater potential than their low-altitude hybrid counterparts.

Driven by this principle, the dedicated team at 575 embarked on an extraordinary journey—an uphill battle, both figuratively and literally.

“The presence of Gesha in your cup was not a stroke of luck. It didn’t come from a divine moment of inspiration or a serendipitous breakthrough that changed my life. Instead, it is the result of nearly a decade of unwavering commitment from countless individuals.

Their lives, with all their successes and sacrifices, were completely devoted to one objective: pursuing excellence. Yet, it wasn’t solely for the satisfaction of our esteemed customers, but rather for the betterment of entire communities.”

— Herbert

When faced with a terroir lacking distinctiveness, one must strive to alter it. However, when dealing with a genuinely unique terroir, the path forward is to fully embrace its inherent qualities.

This extraordinary coffee embodies the ten years of unwavering effort invested by the 575 team.

As the only bag of its kind produced in the entire world, we proudly offer a limited quantity of just 100 AMOC jars of this exceptional coffee. Prepare yourself for an exquisite sensory experience, featuring prominent notes of dates, raspberry and rosewater.


As you might know, 575 is a haiku (that’s what we thought the reason behind the name was at least).
But the haiku part is a lucky accident. The name actually comes from the geographical coordinates of the farms: 5, -75



This filter roast also works amazingly on espresso.

/575 Colombia — Bocadillo
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