/070 Colombia — Jorge ‘Pikudo’ Andrade

Natural Colombia Rosado

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/070 because Duckrabbit is 1y

Fun fact: 070 is the area code of The Hague, where Duckrabbit is based .This presented the ideal moment for an amazing collaboration: between A.M.O.C. and -one of- the best specialty cafes in 070, Duckrabbit.

In this limited collaboration there had to be an equally special coffee. The coffee we chose is a Colombia Rosado Microlot from producer ‘Pikudo’.

Fueled by Jorge Andrade’s passion and bravery, along with a stroke of luck and the support of dedicated friends, this Natural Colombia Rosado stands as a symbol of relentless perseverance against all odds.
Jorge spent decades in the deciduous fruit industry until the 2018 closure of the Colombia-Venezuela border led to a sharp decline in demand for his stone fruits and apples, effectively ending his business. In a desperate but determined move, he reached out to Orlando Sánchez, a well-known figure in the specialty coffee scene, who provided him with Rosado and other coffee seeds. This marked the beginning of Jorge’s new journey into coffee cultivation, offering a glimmer of hope amidst crisis.
Now affectionately known as “Pikudo” by his local community, Jorge has transformed into a reputable coffee grower. The exceptional quality of this particular batch has left us eagerly anticipating future samples of his coffee creations.
/070 Colombia — Jorge ‘Pikudo’ Andrade
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