/045 Ecuador — Galo Morales

Washed Typica

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Galo’s Ecuadorian Typica

Sensum Trading, located in Pichincha, Ecuador, has quickly distinguished itself as a key player in the specialty coffee market since its inception in 2019. Founded by Galo Morales, who boasts two decades of experience in the coffee industry, Sensum collaborates with around 50 coffee producers nationwide, exporting green beans to roasters and dealing in wholesale house roasts.

Commitment to Ethical Practices

Sensum’s core values are commitment, customer-centricity, traceability, fair trade, and innovation. The company prioritizes transparency in all its dealings, from producers to importers, and strives to maintain fair pricing. Galo’s approach is grounded in ethical business practices, ensuring that producers are fairly compensated, thereby motivating them to maintain high-quality production standards.

Galo’s Journey to Ethical Coffee Trading

Galo, who grew up on a coffee farm, experienced firsthand the corruption and challenges in the coffee export industry. His family’s struggles with non-payment from exporters inspired him to pursue a degree in trade and business, eventually leading to the establishment of Sensum. His mission is to create a fair and transparent trading environment that benefits coffee producers and promotes high-quality Ecuadorian coffee on a global scale.

Sensum’s Impact on Ecuadorian Coffee

Ecuador’s coffee production has declined significantly from its peak in the 1980s. However, the country’s fertile soil and favorable climate still hold great potential for specialty coffee production. Galo’s own farm, Finca Cruz Loma, launched in 2015, exemplifies this potential. His success in national coffee competitions and his commitment to quality have set new standards and prices for Ecuadorian coffee.

Focus on Quality and Support

Sensum’s operations emphasize quality over quantity. Galo’s approach has attracted numerous producers and roasters who appreciate his commitment to fair trade and transparency. By focusing on quality and ethical practices, Sensum aims to elevate the reputation of Ecuadorian coffee and support the next generation of producers. Galo’s vision is not just to profit from coffee but to foster a community where producers can thrive with minimal initial investment, driven by effort and knowledge.

Building a Legacy of Trust

Galo’s efforts extend beyond his own success. He has become a pivotal figure in the local coffee community, offering support and guidance to other producers. His transparent practices have made Sensum a trusted name, and he is dedicated to improving the global perception of Ecuadorian coffee through quality, not just quantity.

Sensum, meaning “to sense” in Latin, embodies Galo’s mission to create an honest and transparent coffee experience. From the producers in Ecuador to the consumers around the world, Galo’s commitment to quality and ethical business practices is palpable in every cup of coffee.

This coffee has such amazing complexity. Think delicate oolong tea and elderflower. A beautiful cup you want to drink everyday.

/045 Ecuador — Galo Morales
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