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Washed Gesha

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Mario’s Peruvian Gesha
another beautiful coffee with a beautiful story

The farm La Esperanza is located in the town of Nueva Luz, which is about 243 km from the city of Cusco. It will take you approximately 13 hours by car, making a first stop in the city of Quellouno and then continuing the trip to the farm of Don Mario Fuentes. During this trip, you will need to drive a part through the Andes, at about 2,000 meters above sea level. From there, you will pass through the tropical zones which are located around 1,400 meters above sea level. These microclimates and altitudes are optimal for coffee cultivation!

Don Mario began his adventure in the world of coffee 28 years ago, together with his wife Ceferina. They began to work on the farm with the Catimor variety, obtaining their first seeds through social programs that the government of Peru offered to farmers with the goal of reducing and hopefully eradicating coca production in the jungle.



This social program sparked Don Mario’s interest in coffee, and in the following years, he began to investigate other varieties. Eventually, Don Mario collected varieties such as Typica and Mundo Novo, thus beginning his adventure in the world of specialty coffees.

Five years ago, Don Mario found his Geisha seeds at a fair in his town, after being guided by coffee producers from other areas of Cusco. In 2023, he had his first harvest of the Geisha variety, with which he participated in a competition in his city, earning first place with a score of 87.25.

This coffee was also used to participate in the Cup of Excellence 2023 and passed successfully through the first round. Unfortunately, he was not able to qualify for the next round due to not reaching the minimum volumes required by the competition. However, participating in this COE or not, the most important thing for Don Mario is creating honest and long-term relationships with potential buyers of this special coffee.





  • Specialty coffee contest Quellouno 2023 – 1st place / Score: 87.25
/044 Peru — Mario
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