/041 Ethiopia — Ashu

Natural Anaerobic Enat Buna, JARC 74110, 74112

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Anaerobic Guji Megadu
Ashu – Bette Buna
— Natural Anaerobic Wild Guji, 74112


Our partner Bette Buna is more than just an exporter or importer. When Hester is not busy trying to sell, export or import her coffees, she actually works her a** off with her boots in the mud on the fields. Hester and her family live in Ethiopia and you may recognize her name form our popular /008 and /025.
The relationship we’ve built makes for amazing feedback from both parties and brings a fruitful future ahead.

Below you can read to beautiful full story about the specific region where this coffee comes from:

Lot Ashu is named to Dawit, the co-founder of Bette Buna. His grandparents called him from birth on by the name Ashu, that refers to the feeling of ‘great satisfaction’. Growing up on a small coffee farm sounds idyllic, but Ashu knew many challenges in his life. But the word “impossible” doesn’t exists in his dictionary. With his faith, Ashu believes everything is possible. From climbin out of poverty up to processing your very first anaerobic lot.

Today Ashu is working together with his wife Hester, beside their own farm, with over 3000 small farmers. They support them by training in how to produce better qualities and improve their living incomes. Ashu (Dawit) is in charge of all operations. But isfavorite thing to do in coffee? Processing beautiful anaerobe coffees.


/041 Ethiopia — Ashu
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