/038 Ecuador — Sidra


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washed sidra
in its purest form


This coffee was the Compulsary coffee for the Danish Brewers Cup Championships 2024 during the Danish Coffee Festival in Copenhagen.
Not too long ago, a remarkable hybrid variety known as “Sidra” was brought to life, ingeniously merging the genetic heritage of two original coffee strains, Typica and Red Bourbon. This innovative blend has given rise to a coffee characterized by an exceptional sweetness paired with a vibrant acidity, hallmarking it with a uniquely complex flavor profile that stands out as a rarity in the world of coffee.

El Mirador

Nestled along a picturesque hill where vast expanses of coffee trees stretch as far as the eye can see, El Mirador emerges as the quintessential jewel of the region. Its name, derived from the breathtaking vistas it offers of the encompassing landscape and the majestic valley below, aptly christens it as the unparalleled ‘coffee diamond’ of the area.


El Mirador stands as a testament to the art of coffee cultivation, hidden away from the trodden path within the verdant province of Loja, Ecuador. This secluded haven, La Papaya, is a sanctuary for those who dare to venture beyond the conventional, accessible only through paths less travelled. Dominated by a community of smallholder farmers, La Papaya is an emblem of resilience and untouched beauty, where the absence of basic facilities does not deter the spirit of its inhabitants. The journey into this hamlet unfolds along rocky pathways, bordered by an endless green, gradually revealing the breathtaking tapestry of lush mountainsides and formidable terrains that challenge and awe in equal measure.

The landscape is punctuated by the serene beauty of cascading waterfalls and verdant fruit trees, adding layers of natural splendor to La Papaya’s already rich tapestry. Loja, the southern jewel of Ecuador, is celebrated for its superior quality coffee and a vibrant gastronomic scene. Coffee, here, is not just a crop but a culture, nurtured amidst the rich biodiversity fostered by the Amazon rainforest, the Andes, the Pacific coast, and the Galapagos Islands, creating a crucible for all commercial varieties of coffee. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, wafting through the air, is the essence of Loja’s local culture, defining and distinguishing it.
Beyond its contribution to coffee cultivation, Loja is a beacon of music, arts, cultural heritage, and festivities. Its colonial architecture and the natural wonder of Podocarpus National Park further accentuate its allure. Through the collective efforts of coffee associations, cooperatives, and dedicated agriculturists, coffee has been elevated to a status symbol within the agricultural domain, marking its significance in Ecuador’s economy and beyond. El Mirador and La Papaya, together, embody the soul of Loja, crafting a narrative of resilience, beauty, and unparalleled coffee excellence.
Manuel Ignacio Sandoval Ulloa came in 11th place with his washed Typica during the Cup Of Excellence in 2022.
Expect notes that are incredibly complex where you can find pear, botanical spices and flowers. A clean and velvet like mouthfeel and a true experience of Sidra in its purest form.
/038 Ecuador — Sidra
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