/036 Colombia — Gesha

anoxic natural

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Sweet, refreshing and tropical. Think watermelon and butterscotch.

Don’t be scared off by the Anoxic term, as this coffee is delicate and clean, but also superweet and not fermenty at all.

This probably is the shortest story we have ever had on a coffee

Fernando Carvajal only produces enough coffee to fill a couple of bags each year, just enough to actually produce enough to sell.
The cool part is that he is actually a fruit farmer, farming fruits like peaches, but started seeing more potential in growing coffee instead. He now applied his agricultural knowledge from fruit farming to his processes of coffee farming. Which, of course, is similar, but not exactly the same. He also applies this knowledge to the processing of the cherries, where he has a scientific approach giving this cup such a great balance and fruit forward flavours.
He is a partner at LaREB, where we collaborate with our good friend Herbert.

— Anoxic* Gesha

Anoxic Natural Process

Overripe picking

72h in-husk resting in an enclosed container

Greenhouse drying during 20 days

*fun fact: anoxic is actual the correct term of what many call anaerobic. Because fermentation itself is always anaerobic, meaning it occurs under conditions without oxygen. However, if the environment is changed, it will result in a different speed/kind of fermentation. The environment being without oxygen is called anoxic, not anaerobic.

We have thought about changing all coffees to the correct term, but it might create more confusion than clarity, so we follow the terms our producers give us.

/036 Colombia — Gesha
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