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Pink Bourbon is actually Colombia Rosado —

Teresa de Jesús Ospina Rodriguez hails from Antioquia, a department nestled in Colombia’s traditional coffee axis and renowned as one of the country’s largest coffee-producing regions. Her journey with coffee began at the tender age of eight when she would observe her father toiling on the farm, imparting to her the knowledge she possesses today. Four decades ago, Teresa de Jesus and her husband made the move to Palestina, Huila, acquiring a plot of land to establish their own coffee venture. As they cultivated their coffee, they also built a family. Coffee has played a significant role in Teresa’s life, enabling her to provide her children with a sustainable future following her husband’s unfortunate demise.

In the past, Teresa was known for her exceptional speed as a picker, a task she took delight in and performed exceptionally well. Her son, Linarco, has become deeply involved in the family’s coffee business. Growing older and assuming more responsibilities after his father’s passing, Linarco dedicated himself to his mother’s farm, lending a hand and learning the intricacies of producing high-quality coffee. Today, with Linarco’s assistance, Teresa takes great pride in seeing her coffee journey to foreign shores, surpassing the bounds of her wildest imagination. She is immensely grateful to Caravela and Linarco for the invaluable advice and support they have provided, aiding her in her daily pursuit of improvement. Year after year, Teresa and Linarco have tirelessly worked on enhancing the quality of their coffee, fully aware that their progress directly corresponds to the recognition they receive. The Rodriguez Family’s success can be attributed to their unwavering attitude, their passion, and their unwavering commitment to producing exceptional coffee.

In recent years, Teresa made the decision to introduce a new variety called Pink Bourbon, which is actually Colombia Rosado, since it comes from the variety Colombia and not Bourbon. In 2018, she planted 3,200 trees, drawn to its adaptability to the region’s agroclimatic conditions, excellent cup quality, high yield, and resistance to pests. Teresa has also delved into the production of natural coffees. The process begins with meticulously selecting only the ripest cherries, which are immediately sealed in airtight plastic containers for in-cherry fermentation lasting approximately four days, depending on the climate. Subsequently, the cherries are transferred to drying beds, where they are carefully monitored for 25 to 30 days until they reach the desired level of dryness. Finally, the beans are stored in bags for eight days to stabilize before being taken to the purchasing station.


Think flavornotes of blueberry muffin and jasmin tea. Beautiful buttery mouthfeel that reminds us of pastry with purple fruit forward flavours and an intense and well balanced floral note of jasmin flowers.

This filter roast also works amazingly on espresso.