/029 Rwanda — Liza Washing Station

Anaerobic Natural

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In the scenic Kivu belt Lake region of Rwanda’s western province, a coffee washing station called Liza thrived. Owned by Jean Paul, a passionate coffee farmer, and his wife, Pacifique Uwicyeza, who managed the company, Liza collaborated with 1850 local farmers.
With a history of 20 years in the coffee industry, Jean Paul had previously worked with farmer cooperatives, while Pacifique served in the Ministry of Agriculture. Determined to make a difference, Liza challenged traditional gender roles, trained farmers, and provided job opportunities to youth. Despite financial limitations, Liza processed exceptional coffee, fostering growth through training, improved farming practices, and infrastructure upgrades.
Liza’s journey symbolized the transformative power of love, dedication, and sustainability in the world of coffee.
At Liza Coffee Washing Station, the journey of coffee beans is a meticulous art. Cherries are sorted and washed before undergoing a transformative two-day fermentation in bags, after which delicately drying the outer skin through a precise skin drying process, the beans are then spread out on drying tables for 48 to 54 days. This careful attention at every step ensures the development of exquisite flavors and a refined coffee experience.

We love the profile this coffee has.
Think orange acidity, peachy sweetness, raisin cookies and cocoa. A well balanced, friendly yet lovely cup.