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Natural Anaerobic Catuaí + Catucaí

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n̶o̶ great coffee grows below 1000 MASL

Luiz Paulo de Souza Faria is a 32-year-old married man who lives in São Domingos das Dores, Minas Gerais. He grew up working in coffee farming and currently lives and works on his father’s property.
His father always encouraged him to work with coffee, but he never placed much emphasis on quality. However, after Luiz got married, he started to focus more on the quality of the beans. In 2020, he heard about specialty coffees, something that was difficult to achieve until then. However, he now sees that a simple change in how they harvest the coffee and take care of it on the patio can make a difference.
His father, being older, still does not believe in these new concepts of caring for coffee. But Luiz is confident that he will see his father joining them in this new era of coffee. This coffee is a blend of selectively harvested Catuaí and Catucai coffee, with an 8-day fermentation and finished by drying on a raised patio for an additional 20 days.
In June 2022, he and his wife harvested the coffee that would later become his most prized possession. They carefully selected the ripest Catuaí and Catucaí cherries from the lush trees that grow at an altitude of 920m in São Domingos das Dores.
After the harvest, they applied an anaerobic fermentation process for 8 days, which created the perfect environment for the coffee to develop its unique flavor profile. During the fermentation process, he monitored the coffee closely, ensuring that it was developing as it should.
The result was a coffee with notes of fig, plum, and praline chocolate, a flavor profile that he was proud of. He knew that this coffee would be perfect for specialty coffee lovers who appreciated the time and effort that went into creating a high-quality product.
As he sipped his coffee, he felt a sense of pride wash over him. He was continuing his family’s legacy while also elevating the quality of their coffee to new heights. He knew that this coffee would make his family proud and put São Domingos das Dores on the map as a producer of exceptional specialty coffee.

Profile: fig sweetness and subtle florals, think perfeclty ripe plum and a mouthfeel that is almost velvet and that of praline chocolate.
Great coffee ís grown below 1000 MASL.