/020 Colombia — Christian Reyes

Washed Gesha

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Colombia — Geisha

We knew there was going to be a moment where number /020 was going to happen.

Fun fact: 020 is the area code of Amsterdam and we’re based in Rotterdam. This presented the ideal moment for an amazing collaboration: between A.M.O.C. and -one of- the best specialty cafes in 020, The Coffee District.

In this limited collaboration there had to be an equally special coffee. The coffee we chose is a Gesha Microlot from producer Cristian Reyes.

The Reyes family has being involved in the agricultural business for many generations. Nowadays, Cristian is the processing, quality and sales representative, while his partner Alfonso is the agronomic leader and head manager. They purchased Hacienda El Rodeo and have been designing this project aiming for new trends and international markets.

This hand picked Gesha variety is grown at 2100 MASL on the El Rodeo farm based in Curiti, Santanter, Colombia. After picking, selection is done by using the ‘floating method’ after which the cherries are pulped and fermented in tanks of fresh spring water for 24 hours. After fermentation the parchment is dried and hulled.

This coffee is a direct collaboration between us and our partner Carlos who works directly with Christian and imported this coffee himself.

You’ll find that this coffee is beautifully delicate, has pronounced floral notes and tones of red fruit such as cherry and berries. Exactly what you can expect of a Gesha.