013 Colombia — Colombia Rosado


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Lizardo’s amazing pink Colombia: complex and sweet af – everyday+

— Washed Colombia Rosado

Fed-batch Washed Process
Mixed batch from 3 different days of picking.
In-husk dry resting for up to 24 hours + up to 60 hours dry fermentation in tank.
Sun drying on elevated patio.
November 2021 crop

a.k.a. a Pink crossing between Caturra and the Timor Hybrid


Lizardo is a 2nd generation coffee producer, he is now in his mid 40s, Earlier in his life he got into coffee through his dad, who was a minor coffee producer, but mostly a big compost producer in the area with a a thing for organic farming.
This gave Lizardo a different understanding of the land and farming itself and interestingly enough Lizardo’s main interest is beekeeping. He is even a professional beekeeper!
His farm, called El Recuerdo, has Rosado, Tabi, Colombia and Castillo varieties and everything is separated by varietal and cupped individually. His right hand (and Director of Quality at the farm) is Jensen, his nephew. This team makes an incredible cup, we can tell you that.
Also, Lizardo has been part of LaREB for 5 seasons already. LaREB is a small foundation of farmers that we work 100% directly with through our good friend Herbert.
We met Herbert, one of the initiators of LaREB together with his girlfriend Ana, at the Danish Coffee Festival early 2020 and we became instant buddies. After our first meeting in Denmark we planned on meeting again soon, either in Colombia or the Netherlands. Unfortunately COVID spoiled the party but we’ve been facetiming and talking coffee almost weekly for almost 2 years now.

Last May however, Herbert finally was able to visit the roastery. Next stop is to visit him in Colombia later this year and visit Lizardo too!

This coffee is such a beauty. Delicate, complex and so sweet.
Depending on the recipe you’ll either find a delicate, silky, chamomile forward brew with subtle juiciness to it or a sweet af brew with clear sticky mouthfeel and tones of marmelade, plum and apricot.