012 Colombia — Red/Yellow Caturra – DECAF


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Colombia — decaf
El Vergel Estate—  Tolima, Colombia — Washed & Decaf

We’ve been looking for a proper decaf that doesn’t underperform as a pour over filter coffee. Our friends Elias & Shady Bayter at El Vergel Estate brought us exactly what we’ve been looking for!


El Vergel Estate made the decision to produce a high quality decaffeinated coffee, after seeing that most of the coffee used in Colombia to produce “decaf” is a low quality (left over, old crop, old picking) coffee. Starting with a great product, their Yellow and Red Caturra has allowed them to create a decaffeinated product that, despite the process, does not lose its sweetness in the cup.

Sugar cane process E.A.
Ethyl acetate (E.A.) decaffeination is a natural process that maintains the integrity of green-coffee flavour. Ethyl acetate occurs naturally in many fruits, which is why this method is often referred to as natural decaffeination. In this case, local sugarcane is used to create the EA.
When the green coffee is received at the decaffeination plant it is first submitted to water and steam. This elevates the moisture content and swells the bean in order to facilitate the extraction of caffeine. It is at this point, the beans get an E.A. wash, which dissolves the caffeine. The beans are then cleaned with water, followed by steam, to clean the inner most portions of the bean.
Finally, the beans are dried until they’ve reached the desired moisture similar to what they had prior to the process. This method avoids excessive heat or pressure, which can radically disrupt a green bean’s cellular structure.

What we end up with is a beautiful clean and juicy cup. Beautiful fruit tones and a smooth delicate body.
This coffee will brew an amazing pour over or batch brew, but without the caffeine.

012 Colombia — Red/Yellow Caturra – DECAF
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