/009 Indonesia — I Wayan Parum

Natural S795 + Cobra

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Bali – Not kopi luwak
I Wayan Parum – Batukaang Kintamani Village, Bali, Indonesia— Natural

In the last few years the Indonesian coffee scene has shifted, where more farmers started to produce high quality specialty coffee. Founders of the Karana washing station, Rodney and Edi process coffee like Wayan’s that is grown on the vulcanic mountain Gunung Batur in the Kintamani region.
Improving the quality of their washing station, teaching their pickers to pick only perfectly ripe cherries and constantly improving the quality makes their coffee outstanding.

This specific lot comes from I Wayan Parum, a third generation coffee farmer, living in Batukaang Kintamani Village, Bangli, Bali. His small farm is located in altitude of 1.200 – 1.400 MASL which is perfect for coffee cultivation.
The main varieties grown here are S795 and Cobra, but Wayan also cultivates Orange trees alongside his Coffee trees.
Wayan’s coffee got qualified in Cup of Excellence Indonesia 2021, a spectacular thing to happen as he and fellow coffee farmers are finally getting recognition from Indonesia and the world. This comes with some extra responsibilities, as he has a name to keep from now on. But his drive and passion to get the best out of his cherries every year has proven to deliver, as his coffee got scored close to 88 points and ended on the 17th place at COE.


We absolutely love this coffee.
It’s one of those coffees you can drink everyday, but will 100% surprise you when you have to guess the origin.


Also. Our direct friendship with Edi & Rodney from previous visits makes this coffee a unique appearance in Europe, since AMOC is the only one that has this coffee as it was exclusively and directly imported by us.

For this coffee we use the same roast for both filter and espresso. Don’t call it omniroast, but let’s just say the filter roast is soluble enough to brew a great espresso too.