007 Brasil — Catuaí


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Brasil grown at only 910masl – so juicy+

— Anaerobic Catuaí

Have you ever had a coffee grown below 1000-ish masl? From Brasil? Expect the unexpected.
Carlos Robert is the farmer of this ridiculous anaerobic Catuaí from Brasil. Carlos has been a coffee grower since childhood, having learned how to produce traditional coffee from his father. He always had a good control over his coffee, because of the location, altitude, climate, and good management. Always respecting nature and improving sustainability. Learning and always putting into practice. In 2020 Carlos and his farm had the great achievement of winning second place for natural coffee in the regional competition, this motivated them eve more to improve their processing.
Carlos is a proud farmer that is proud to represent his region of Matas de Minas, producing an excellent quality coffee, hoping many around the world can taste what this region has to offer.

Expect this coffee to be mouthwatering and amazing. Not your average Brazilian coffee.

007 Brasil — Catuaí
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