002 Colombia — Caturra


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Elias Bayter, Fresno, Tolima, Colombia, El Vergel, Colombia
— Natural Caturra

We met Shady and Elias Bayter late 2021 in Milan at a coffee show. They were visiting Europe with their mother and wanted to plan some ‘business’ visits as well. We started talking at the show when there was an immediate click, we all just loved the product coffee and are always improving to find the boundaries of what’s possible. Elias and his mother (Shady had other obligations) were one of the first people to visit our roastery when we were still under construction.

Their farm El Vergel was mainly an avocado farm before to they started growing coffee. Around ten years ago Elias came in touch with specialty coffee, apparently their farm had perfect conditions to grow some amazing coffee, so they took a chance and switched a part of their farm to growing coffee.
Almost a decade later Shady and Elias pioneer in what flavours come out of their unique varieties and high quality processing

Also, they are very involved on growing the coffee in a sustainable way, therefore, they have left 60 hectares of their farm for a natural forest, which is aim to become one of the biggest ecological forests of the region.

This Natural processed Caturra, that was processed by Elias, blew us away on the cupping table. Notes of passion fruit and other tropical juices with a beautiful balanced body and mouthfeel. Very sweet with a medium acidity.

For this coffee we use the same roast for both filter and espresso. Don’t call it omniroast, but let’s just say the filter roast is soluble enough to brew a great espresso too.

002 Colombia — Caturra
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